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Ever Wondered What Mindfulness Really Is?

Published about 1 month ago • 1 min read

Hey Reader

Are you sick of hearing about mindfulness like it’s some sort of magical cure-all?

Yeah, it's everywhere—buzzing louder than your morning alarm. But between you and me, what’s the real scoop behind this trend? Is it just deep breaths and quiet rooms, or is there something more?

Let’s face it—you’re exhausted. Your days are packed, your to-do list is never-ending, and everyone demands a piece of you. By the end of the day, your brain feels like it’s run a marathon in quicksand. Sound familiar?

Here’s the kicker: It’s not about silencing your thoughts; it’s about mastering them. Imagine handling stress without flipping your lid or keeping your cool when your in-laws are in town. Priceless, right?

So, here are three fresh, no-BS tips to actually make mindfulness work for you:

1. The One-Minute Breather: Between meetings or while your coffee brews, take exactly one minute to just breathe. Deep inhale, longer exhale. It’s not about wasting time—it’s about preserving your peace of mind.

2. Laugh It Off: Next time you’re fuming or anxious, cue up a quick cat video or a meme that cracks you up. It’s about shifting gears—laughter can be a surprisingly effective mindfulness switch.

3. Tech Timeout: Give yourself a no-phone zone for the first 30 minutes after you get home. No emails, no socials. Just you and whatever the hell you want to do. Freedom tastes pretty good, huh?

Curious to dive deeper? I’ve laid it all out—no fluff, all substance—in my latest blog post. Click here to get the lowdown on turning the mindfulness buzz into something that actually buzzes for you.

Let’s cut through the noise and get real. Because you deserve a break today, not "someday."

Cheers to keeping it real,


PS- Do you have a favorite mindfulness tip you would love to share? Just hit "reply" to this email and let me know. I would love to hear from you!

Hi! I'm Becc

Becc Nelson, LMFT is a spiritual, soulful, heart centered healer, speaker and author who has been serving as an expert in transformation and ascension since 1992. With a master’s degree in human development, and as licensed marriage and family therapist Becc has the wisdom and knowledge to assist her clients in transformational healing of mind, body and spirit. Becc’s work as a psychic medium, ordained minister and angel communicator provides a unique approach to healing that combines traditional approaches of therapy with intuitive guidance connecting you with the most elevated version of yourself and the highest connection with your soul.

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